Urban Swag

If you think you can dance, Just Prove It! Urban Swag is Dance Competition


Venue- CTM Building (Auditions, Semifinal) & Amphitheatre(Final)
Level 1 - Auditions: Timing- 1 PM - 4 PM, Date- 04 April
Level 2 - Screening : Timing- 12 PM - 4 PM, Date- 05 April
Final round: Timing - 6:45PM - 7:30PM, Date- 05 April

Rules & Regulations

Non- refundable event.
Participant’s should have their college or school ID’S.
Bring your songs in pendrive.
Costumes for dance have to be arranged by participant’s themselves.
Songs should not be vulgar.
The decision of the judges will be last & final.

(A)Dance Category for 8 to 15 age:
Solo dance
Group dance
2.Levels Of Rounds:
• Audition Round :Free of cost (1ST day) , Time:2min
• First round after registration( 2nd day), Time:2min
• Semifinal round (2nd day), Time:3min
• Final round (2nd day evening)
“Time for solo: 3min, Group:5 min”
Solo dance: worth Rs500/-
Group dance: worth Rs1000/-

(B) Dance category for 16 to 25 age:
• Solo dance
• Duet dance
• Group dance


Deepesh Goyal +91-7389691453
Akshya Rathore +91-8109343040
Vidhi Saxena +91-9630690105
Harsh Sharma +91-8103554836

Registration fee(8 to 15 years): Solo dance- Rs 150/-
Group dance-Rs 500/- (Max. 8 members)

Registration fee(Above 16-25 years): Solo dance-Rs 200/-
Duet dance-Rs 300/-
Group dance-Rs750/-(Max. 8 members)

Prize: Solo dance: worth Rs 1000/- Duet dance:worth Rs 1500/- Group dance:worth Rs 3000/-